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“Basically I love life and I love living life. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, restaurants, laughing, goIng to cultural events, and sociaLizing with quality peOple. Its just better liVing and sharing lifE with someone else...” caringmind
“Hi new to all this , looking for friends fun and chat...” andy69mc
“I'm looking for someone to have some fun with :)...” stan244
“Looking for the lady for me, near my age and up for a chat!! :)...” scottydan58
“G - Genuine R - Romantic A - Amazing N - Noble T - Truthful Hi Im Grant, im from South Africa (still have my accent), I have been in Manchester a year now and have settled well, I have a house, a car, a good job, a great set of friends, amazing fami...” saffagrant1982
“I am caring, loving , romantic, and fun to be with. I am friendly, love to make friends and meet like-minded people who love to travel and experience new adventures. Hobby wise, i love football, watching movies, taking a walk around, park,etc. In my ...” alex287
“Loyal, loving, single mum, but cancer sufferer. Like to chat x...” simplybeme
“I am a kind caring and passionate woman; I am down to earth and loyal too. I like cooking, reading, traveling etc....” giftgadjigo
“Im quite easy to get on with, sometimes i give it all the front but i can get a lil shy, i also have 3 beautiful boys but dont let that put u off just give me a message n if u wanna see a pic of me i can send u one...” blingy2401
“I'm a hard working single mum wanting my own fun...” missria32
“My name is Faye i am 19 years old. i do have trust issues. Have not long come out of a 1 and a half year reltionship so please no liars or cheats. i love to bake and sing. please feel free to ask me anything if you want to know more. thank you for ta...” dogcrazy18
“Have no idea how to make a summary of my personality. A priori, judge by what you see. ...” trataka

Welcome to Flirtbox!

Flirtbox is a free dating service for singles from the UK. There are absolutely NO membership fees at all - flirt for free! Other online dating sites often pretend to be free ("register for free"), but once you want to initiate contact with someone or want to read your messages you need to enter your credit card details and pay high membership fees. Why is this dating site for free? Flirtbox is sponsored by banner ads on the website. If we charged membership fees, less people would signup and in the long-term, we decided a free model works best.


Flirtbox was created around 1999/2000 when I went to university in Portsmouth (Electrical Engineering). I wanted to learn HTML/PHP and started - for fun - with writing a dating site. As nearly UK dating websites were pay sites with an average target group of 50+ and did not have the best reputation, the goal was to create a free dating website that is easy & fun to use. Since then, flirtbox grew and many others have followed and created free dating websites...some even copied Flirtbox. Some even received millions of venture capital, employed 100 people, copied big parts of flirtbox - spend all the money, sacked the people and fell into oblivion again! I still run Flirtbox as a hobby and have a full-time job next to the website. Sometimes, some bugs or new features take longer to be fixed then on other websites or if some support requests take longer to be answered. However, soon the Flirtbox website will be relaunched completely to become even more user-friendly - so stay tuned!

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