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“Well travelled, polite, and fuñ person with no hang-ups!...” edlovescheese1
“A normal guy. Not sure what to write. Please feel free to ask and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks ...” salmangalaxy
“get chatting to me and u will find all sorts about me ...” bushwakker007
“Looking for amazing experiences and great conversation. Perhaps travel if you can spare the time ;) Just been to Dubai, Beijing, Singapore and Australia...” intelligentxfun
“im a private guy, i dont like pubs or clubs, i am a loving person, whether it be an occasional thing or possible lasting thing i will show the same loving feelings ...” privateguy69
“Martial arts instructor and bouncer from London, chilled out and loving life!...” karatemark26
“I like to chat with anyone. I love films, reading ect....” lauraloui
“People think the amount of coffee I drink is gross. I'm scared of pretty much everything. I have epic levels of patience, my friends are always surprised by just how much it takes to actually annoy me. Men with pictures of dogs in their pr...” alielkie
“I am 16 years old (17 on 29th July) and looking for a nice guy to take care of me :) ...” renny2907
“Attractive Asian Lady 45, seeks loving gentleman for long relationship. Your looks and age are not too important, being single and sincere is ! If you want a reply , please have a full face picture, a written profile , and be from UK, if you dont hav...” susiejay
“I live by 1 rule in life...do whatever to satisfy others....” 321amy
“Im 24 years old, a care assistant from Ipswich. If you would like to get to know me send a message ...” lauraclaxton24

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Flirtbox is a free dating service for singles from the UK. There are absolutely NO membership fees at all - flirt for free! Other online dating sites often pretend to be free ("register for free"), but once you want to initiate contact with someone or want to read your messages you need to enter your credit card details and pay high membership fees. Why is this dating site for free? Flirtbox is sponsored by banner ads on the website. If we charged membership fees, less people would signup and in the long-term, we decided a free model works best.


Flirtbox was created around 1999/2000 when I went to university in Portsmouth (Electrical Engineering). I wanted to learn HTML/PHP and started - for fun - with writing a dating site. As nearly UK dating websites were pay sites with an average target group of 50+ and did not have the best reputation, the goal was to create a free dating website that is easy & fun to use. Since then, flirtbox grew and many others have followed and created free dating websites...some even copied Flirtbox. Some even received millions of venture capital, employed 100 people, copied big parts of flirtbox - spend all the money, sacked the people and fell into oblivion again! I still run Flirtbox as a hobby and have a full-time job next to the website. Sometimes, some bugs or new features take longer to be fixed then on other websites or if some support requests take longer to be answered. However, soon the Flirtbox website will be relaunched completely to become even more user-friendly - so stay tuned!

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